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Kroeber (1920) believes these estimates are too high. Also called: Atchihwa’, Yavapai name (Gatschet 1877-92). On Gila River, with and below the Pima, to the mouth of the river.

In 1851 Bartlett re-ported 10 of this tribe living with the Maricopa, and, according to a Mohave informant of Kroeber’s, there were 36 about 1883. Anciently they are said to have had some rancherias in a valley west of the Colorado.

A work session was held with Tribal Council on February 13, 2017.

Prior to this amendment, the Tribal Court applied Arizona paternity law to cases in the court as no CRIT law existed regarding paternity and maternity cases.

In 1869, 300 were reported; in 1902, 233; in 1905, 174; in 1910, 174; and in 1923, 184. Contracted from their own name Hópitu, “peaceful ones,” or Hópitu-shinumu, “peaceful all people.” Kohuana Indians. From Mohave tradition, it appears that at a somewhat later period they lived along the river near Parker together with the Halchidhoma, whom they followed to the fertile bottom lands higher up.