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At the time, the pair were enjoying a holiday in the US and Mexico with her son Justice, who she shares with designer Dan Single.

Pip has spoken about Josh before and told au that he is a 'man muse' for her fashion label, P. 'We're inspired by men worldwide but some local Aussie favourites of ours include Josh Gibson, Scotty James, Corbin Harris, Gadir Rajab, and Nicky Night Time,' Pip said.

When asked about The Rock's upcoming spinoff movie that has pushed back the release of Gibson's next Fast & Furious film, the Transformers star said 'Congrats to him' in a sarcastic tone.

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web exclusive, we explore what’s really going on between Brooke and Booby.

The two have been friends for quite a long time and even left Texas for Hollywood around the same time to pursue bigger dreams.

After consultation with Joe Spann, whose ongoing research into original Gibson records has shed new light on true production dates, I have now changed to a listing of banjos by year.

This listing will be subject to revision as we continue to gain more insight into Gibson's factory order numbers, serial numbers, and production practices in the prewar and wartime periods.

For all dates, you will need to look at the construction technique and components used to get a more precise date of manufacture.