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Pakistani forces responded ferociously, massacring between 500,000 and 3 million people and committing atrocities and war crimes. Jacob flew to Pakistan, unarmed and with only one staff officer, and presented the Pakistani general with a choice of his own devising: surrender unconditionally and in public, and receive Indian army protection for his retreat – or continue fighting and face India’s full military might.

10 million desperate refugees fled into India, which then declared war on Pakistan. (Jacob’s position was a bluff: facing 93,000 Pakistani troops, he commanded only 3,000 Indian troops, and they were 30 miles away.) Jacob gave Gen.

To this day, the Jewish community keeps a set of thousand-year-old engraved copper plates record the welcome extended by the local prince to one Joseph Raban, a Jew who settled in the area.

When the Jewish community was threatened by attacks from South Arabian and Portuguese invaders in the 1400s, the maharajah in the nearby town of Cochin invited them to settle and even build their synagogue next to the town’s Hindu temple.

Esther Abrahams was crowned the first Miss India in 1947, and later went on to become one of the earliest movie stars under the stage name Pramila.

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    Festivals Peace and tranquillity on Terschelling is traded twice a year when the cultural Oeral festival is staged and the rowing boat race take place.

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    gentleman Isaac Huss to give us a few pointers from a male perspective. With one notable exception, there really aren’t any bad places to meet good men. I know, I know, it sounds cliché, and you might not even be religious for all I know, but that’s not the point.

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    But our current tools were built for designing fixed-size layouts: magazine spreads, posters, etc.

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    She oozes confidence and pouting sexuality, so it’s no surprise that handsome Keanu Reeves lookalike Nik fell for her. In truth, “Kira” is the alter ego of 33-year-old Kristen Birkin, a dumpy single mother and pub singer from Nuneaton with mousey cropped hair and low self-esteem.