Dating in ghaziabad

Being a muslim I cannot date and I am not the jealous type so sharing is not a big thing to me.

As long as all parties are in agreement, get along and treated fairly and equally.

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I do not think his 1st wife was aware of our marriage.

I tried the whole year of our marriage to talk to her but my husband had several excuses why I could not which lead me to believe she did not know. He fully supported her and his children but did not have the funds to support me or the children we would have had.

I am personally a strong believer in monogamous marriages but I do not feel that I have the right to tell anyone else that their culture/practices are wrong... I wouldn't marry any foreign man unless I knew for sure he had his own papers. My boyfriend is from Senegal and he was raised in a polygamous setting.

Most times, these men marry you for immigration purposes knowing they have a wife or somebody back home. From his stories, it sounds like a nightmare for all, wives, children, and father.

I feel really bad because I confuse him because the biggest part of me wants to tell him about the gospel but its not easy for me to say to him hey what you believe and have believed for years is false.