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But how realistic is it that businessmen goes around working like porn stars in their free time. I love talking about books as much as the next bibliophile - doesn't matter whose books - so feel free to chat with me here.

Tho maybe the celebrities do, with the groupies and such. The only difference b/w MT's heroes is their names, nationalities, and species (and to a lesser extent their jobs). Sad to say Bronte would be horrified if she read this. :)As for other stuff you may want to know, you could visit my website or author page in Facebook at

All her heroes are rich sex maniacs with Ken doll like physicality who hurt the heroine in some way, even those who are not commitment phobic.

And there's almost ALWAYS a detailed sex scene with another OW. I know that people have sex and having it with more than one person is both common and natural.

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