Updating aperture

With an Aperture library of over 130GB, it was decision time.For now, I can continue to use Aperture, though future upgrades to OS X might put an end to that.As with i Photo before it, I had many pleasant years of using Aperture.

updating aperture-79

After building up a sizable collection of digital photos that I'd taken since 1996, I decided that just dumping them into folders wasn't going to cut it anymore.

Being a Mac user in (around) 2005 didn't give me a lot of options, so the decision was easy: i Photo.

More can be added by clicking on 'add' next to adjustments near the top of the stack.

Editing options include exposure/highlights/shadows, saturation/contrast/cast, white balance, noise reduction, sharpening, and a few other things. As with Aperture, you can import Raw JPEG and choose which is the primary file you wish to work with.

Thankfully, most of them were just under the surface.