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This viable way to freedom is neither fundamentally religious in nature.Nor is it meant to be some self-help psycho-babble rhetoric.

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No, what I am proposing is quite individual and concrete.

It is a mix of cognitive-behavioral and insight-oriented principles, sprinkled with a bit of metaphysical thought.

There are some that before reading this essay, were unconscious of the connection between their failed ventures, relationships, fragmented sense of self, and father lack.

There is a scripture in the New Testament that says, “Brethren if you find your brother in a fault, ye which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering your own self.” I share this with you to be clear about my motivation in writing this article. But to share from my own journey and psychological training a viable way to freedom.

He sees anger as power; most likely connected to protecting the lack of control he felt while growing up.

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