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Slater’s article, which partially concluded, “Above all, Internet dating has helped people of all ages realize that there’s no need to settle for a mediocre relationship.” Granted, Ms. It seems doubtful that the Internet is really helping us think we shouldn’t settle. Remember back in ye olden, golden days, before the Internet – they had those crazy newspapers and magazines harboring personal ads which solicited physical and emotional dates (both openly and discretely).

Gottlieb’s advice is meant for women; perhaps without realizing it, Mr. And those chronicles were distributed widely, though some might argue that the fact that papers are often community oriented upped the temptation and availability of a new lover, while the Internet makes it all too easy to meet someone far away and thus hard to get to.

Finding a date online already carries a rather negative social stigma. So much so that those writing dating profiles often note the most embarrassing thing they are willing to admit is that they are on a dating site.

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” And you know what the answer was more often than not?

“Hard.” Almost all the guys I went out with seemed to be looking for a long term relationship, many saying up front they were hesitant to take a date with me since I’d be traveling so much for the film.

Yes, first dates might slide on down in such a fashion (especially when you’re an early thirties, never married chap who is able to put together a profile that doesn’t make you look like a sociopath). Slater notes Jacob as having been described as “lazy, aimless, and irresponsible with money” while also “not being able to make a girl feel like she was the most important thing in my life”.

I don’t see the issue here being online dating opening up a pool of women for Jacob so he needn’t make a commitment: I see immense immaturity, an inability to want to connect and have a relationship and someone who in ten or fifteen years is going to be resoundingly lonely and confused as to why.

Dates don’t want to talk about the tribulations of job-hunting.

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