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The first time I realized I had the “idea problem” and/or the “fraud problem” was when I told a friend to email me the link to something he was talking about and he jokingly replied: “To which email account ‘Ms.I Have a Million Businesses Because I Can’t Make Up My Mind’? The variety of steamy videos and catchy pictures await you in each different section.

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It will become an honor and a pleasure to spread your blog around.

If you find it (1) hard to explain your business idea, (2) embarrassing to present your business card or blog to others, (3) hard to think of content ideas, or (4) difficult to stay focused on your business, Your “you brand” makes sense, clicks, works, gets you excited, takes more work than you imagined, is more fun than you imagined, and combines a lot of your interests into one place.

I’ve launched more products, concepts, ideas, and pitches that I wasn’t sure of than ones I have been.

In fact, I’m pretty much afraid of launching almost everything I’ve launched: Will it be useful?

Desperately seeking every single way to make us happy: commenting on our posts, sharing our stuff, buying from us, spreading the buzz about us.