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I picked out a movie that I found particularly hot and went to the back to my "assigned room." The back room consisted of about 45 smaller rooms, each with a TV.

As I wandered through, I saw that about half of them were full and of this 20 or so rooms, more than half of the guys in them were sailors who had left their doors open just a little or they were checking out the place like me...

Once docked, wasted no time getting to Hotel street.

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So I am sitting here watching an old 1940s film with Tallulah and William Bendix about a bunch of people in a lifeboat.

I think I may have seen this one a few times already.

Then he did devil horns and made a guttural growling noise. LBOKZTkq When someone is coming over I shove all the counter and table piles into the pantry shelves.