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In their article, “The Online Romance Scam: A Serious Cybercrime”, doctors Monica Whitty and Tom Buchanan discuss a problem similar to “catfishing” but more devastating.

Rennie used this photograph (left) to convince her victims that she was a male doctor.

Her web of lies was finally revealed after she attempted to woo model Abbie Draper, who sent an angry barrage of texts to Rennie (right)As she jailed her for 22 months, Sheriff Elizabeth Mc Farlane told Rennie: 'I hoped your reports would shed some light into your incredibly strange and abusive behaviour — unfortunately it hasn't.'I've no idea why someone from a good family, job and education would throw it all away inexplicably.'This was planned with astonishing precision in a cold, calculated manner.'This caused harm and humiliation to multiple victims, who did not deserve this.'Ms Draper and Rennie met after the nurse was assigned to the same ward as Ms Draper's grandfather John, with the family describing her as the 'world's most attentive nurse'.

The 27-year-old, who worked as a nurse at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock, pursued relationships with ten women through social media sites, dating websites and apps over a four-year period.

She used the names David Graham, David Crolla and Davie, Marco and Matthew Mancini and often reused the same storyline and characters.

By increasing awareness of the potential hazards of cybercrime in relationships, the authors imply that the amount of people who fall victim to this scam would be reduced.