Dating a firearm by serial number does dating become relationship uk

Every firearm has something about them that is interesting (although I haven’t found that in Hi-Point yet).

Anyway, I recently became the owner of an infamous Tec-9.

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In March 1903 a new number book was started, which for a few years overlapped with the existing numbering system which still appears to have been continued during that period.

Two numbers for each year will, therefore, be found whilst that overlap continued, the second being the later numbering system.

The earliest recorded number is 335 but it is undated and the subsequent numbers until those of 1885 are put in the sequence in which they appear in the records, although this might appear to be misleading.

The serial numbers for the years 1885-88 can be estimated reasonably clearly and from 1889 onwards they form a reasonably logical sequence.

After the Cleveland School massacre, the TEC-9 was added California's list of banned weapons.