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Right after that realization, I decided to quit my job and launched Mymacchiato with my business partner.Our company is the first and leading matchmaking company in Turkey.

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Our plan next year is to enlarge our restaurant database and make more get-together events for our customers. Passionate about music, journalism and Newcastle United.

The present study explored the sexual, physical, psychological, and overall dating violence experiences, and related these experiences to Investment Model variables among Turkish college women.

I believe we started to be quite popular in Canary Wharf and Knightsbridge. All our members are active participants of business life and have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Your existing circle only covers the schools you have graduated from, companies you have worked for and family acquaintances.

Our estimation is that it will double in 3 years to 40m dollars. Global players like E-darling, Friendfinder,, Tinder, Ok Cupid are also active in Turkey. Quality perception is built by brand image and customer satisfaction in total market. Our service is premium quality/bespoken and desired.